Launching our 100% Peace Silk Pillowcases

Launching our 100% Peace Silk Pillowcases

Launching our new 100% Peace Silk Pillowcases

We are delighted to announce, one of many, additions to our range of ethical products- our 100% Peace Silk Pillowcases! Now I know you might be wondering, what does "peace silk" mean? So we will give you a little background.

To preserve the silk fibre, the production of conventional silk requires the death of the silkworm. The cocoons are boiled with the pupae still inside them, or the pupae are roasted. The silk is then unwound into a single strand. This continuous strand is reeled and can be woven into fabric. Huge numbers of silkworms are killed to support the industry – the average necktie requires fifty grams of silk, which translates to the cocoons of one hundred and fifty worms!! This of course, is unethical and against our morals- which is why we created Peace Silk products.

Peace silk is made WITHOUT killing the silk worm.  The moths are allowed to emerge from the cocoon and live out full life spans, yay!  The silk thread is gathered and spun from the opened cocoons. Many actually prefer peace silk due to its durability. It is also considered to be warmer than conventional silk which is always a good thing here in Ireland.

Silk of course is also known for its many benefits such as preventing wrinkles on the face and keeping your hair tame during the night. We can all vouch for that here at home and we adore our silk pillowcases!


We offer regular sized pillowcases (50 x 75cm) in 100% Peace Charmeuse Silk in the colour Ivory.

Silk Pillowcase


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