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Peace Silk Eye Mask
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Peace Silk Eye Mask

Regular price €35.00 EUR

Peace Organic Momme Silk Eye Mask.

  • 21 Momme weight
  • One colour available: Ivory (as seen in photo)
  • Machine-washable on cold wash (30 degrees)


Fewer Wrinkles On Your Face

  • Less friction than other materials- minimises ageing effects.
  • Dermatologists can easily tell which side of our body we sleep on and as we age, these sleep wrinkles develop into permanent lines.


Peace Silk: the Ethical and Sustainable Alternative

  • Conventional production boils silkworms alive- approx. 3,000 silkworms are killed for one pound of silk.
  • Peace silk is cruelty-free, whereby cocoons are harvested after the silkworms have emerged naturally and flown away as moths.

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