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What is an Emperor Bed? How big is an Emperor Bed? Where can I buy Emperor bed linen?

by White Green on January 15, 2020

An Emperor size bed is 215cm by 215cm or 7 foot by 7 foot. It is the largest size of bed available in the UK and Ireland, i.e. it is the next size bigger than a Superking.


If you share your bed with another person, or perhaps children and pets, then you should be investing in the biggest bed that you can possibly have. Your bed is an investment in your sleep, and the more space you have to roll around without disturbing your partner, and without them disturbing you, the better your sleep will be! 


Your bed is an investment for life, so make sure to research and buy wisely. For an emperor bed, you should buy the following items:

Emperor Duvet Cover Size: 290 x 235cm

Emperor Fitted Sheet Size: 215 x 215cm and the depth depends on our mattress depth. 

King Size Pillowcase Size: 50 x 90cm (You could create your bed with regular size pillows 50 x 75cm too, but the 50 x 90cm will fill out the space of the bed better). 


You could also complete your bed with a flat sheet and generally, a Superking Size Flat Sheet will fit an Emperor bed too, if the company's sizing is generous. Our White & Green Superking Flat Sheet is perfect for Emperor as it measures 300 x 290cm so there will still be plenty of space for the sheet to hang down on either side of the bed. The benefit of a flat sheet is that it is easier to wash and iron, and therefore you can change the duvet cover less often. 


At White & Green, we stock all of our 100% Organic cotton luxury bed sheets in sizes up to Emperor. We sell the duvet cover separately from the pillowcases so that you can choose your pillowcase size and mix and match between Regular 50 x 75cm or King 50 x 90cm depending on your pillows.