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Meet the Maker: Pat Kane of reuzi

by White Green on October 20, 2020

Our Meet the Maker series interviews inspiring founders about their businesses and passions. We are deeply inspired by these people and we hope our readers will be too! This week, we speak with Pat Kane from reuzi. 


Tell us about reuzi? 

reuzi is Ireland’s one-stop shop for sustainable living. With 800+ products available in-store and online, our aim is to break the stigma around sustainability. Sustainability is not exclusive to scientists or the ‘all-or-nothing’ folk. We want to make sustainability an easy to digest subject with fun, colourful products and educational services. We want to help everyone take one extra step towards sustainable living – whether that means helping them get their first reusable straw to providing the tools and knowledge to transform their entire shopping routine.


Where did the idea for reuzi come from? When and how was “ah-ha” moment?

It all started back when I was a teenager. I was very lucky to be born and raised by the ocean in Rio de Janeiro so I learned to be respectful of nature from a very young age.

But really, it was when I became a mom for the first time that I experienced first hand how simple daily tasks like changing a nappy can be so incredibly wasteful.

reuzi was born a few years later. I was expecting our second boy and decided that I wanted to use my maternity leave to test the concept. I had a successful career in Customer Experience but I knew something was missing. And now I know that reuzi was the missing piece. reuzi was launched five days before our Conor arrived into this world and it was the best-hardest-thing I’ve ever done… but I would do it all over again, if I had to!


Why is sustainability important to you?

Our planet gives us everything we need to thrive in life. It’s only fair that we return the favour! Jokes aside, I want to go through life knowing that I’ve done my best and that future generations will not suffer because of my actions.

Unfortunately, our reality is still quite worrying; we are running out of natural resources, we are filling up landfills, destroying our oceans & wildlife and the waste we generate today will exist beyond our children’s children.

I must say that knowing that we are doing our part to give our children a fighting chance at a better future feels really good.

Every little thing we do is better than doing nothing!


What are your dreams and plans for reuzi?

 We have enjoyed great success to date and I truly hope that our work is positively impacting the lives of people out there. However, this year it’s all about scalability. In a world where eCommerce is rapidly growing, I am conscious that retail stores will only go so far – and that’s ok.

My aim for the future is to increase the reach of our educational talks and workshops at businesses, schools and community groups as well as consultancy work for small Irish businesses. I want sustainability to become mainstream after all, our planet is everybody’s business.


Where can you find reuzi?

Our store is located in Foxrock Village, Dublin 18, Ireland. You can also find us online at and on social media

We are always happy to chat, exchange ideas and propose alternatives to daily challenges so please get in touch.


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 Pat Kane- reuzi