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Percale vs. Sateen: What’s the Difference?

by White Green on March 27, 2019

In short, Percale and Sateen are two different types of weaves used when making bed sheets. Understanding the difference between these two weave styles can help you find exactly the kind of bed sheets you’ve been dreaming of.


Percale Weave

In a Percale weave for every vertical (or warp) thread there is one horizontal (or weft) thread crossed over. This style of weave creates a crisp finish to the sheets. These sheets feel light, cool and breathable. 


Sateen Weave

Sateen Cotton Bed Sheets

Where Percale weaves have a one over one under style weave, Sateen uses three threads over for every one under. This style of weaving exposes a greater length of thread to the surface and creates a softer feel and shine. Sateen is a tighter weave, which makes the sheets warmer and thicker.

 These sheets are the closest you can come to Satin, without losing the strength and durability of cotton. However, they are not as breathable, durable, or resistant to pilling.


Why did we choose Sateen?

When we decided to use Sateen weaving over Percale, we did so because of the luxurious quality Sateen lends to the sheets. We also only use long-staple cotton, which adds even more of a luxurious texture to our bed sheets. 

In the end, it’s important that you get the most out of your bed sheets. Knowing the difference between a Percale and Sateen weave gives you the power to pick out and purchase exactly what you want, and get a good night’s sleep.