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The Sleep Series: Laura Wright, Award-Winning Classical Singer

by White Green on January 16, 2019

In this series, we interview experts on the subject of sleep. We explore different methods of improving our sleep in order to improve our overall health and well being. At the end of the day, who wouldn't want to enjoy better sleep?

A Royal College of Music opera graduate with over a million album sales under her belt, Laura Wright has been one of the biggest selling classical artists this decade. Her album “The Last Rose” reached number one album in the classical charts. We find out how sleep impacts her career as a singer and what techniques she recommends for better sleep. 


How would you describe your relationship with sleep?

It's definitely one of the most important relationships in my life! I've gone from being an early riser to a night owl, mainly because of my job. I find I sleep the best when my bedtime routine helps slow my thoughts and allows my body to relax. 


Why and how is sleep important for mental health and overall well being?

Lack of sleep for me personally creates anxiety, particularly before a performance. You can end up having that feeling of playing catch up throughout the day which can lead to being disorganised and unproductive. 

A good night's sleep allows you to approach the day with renewed energy, feeling rested, focused and with a positive attitude towards others...something that's super important when you live in a city like London.


Do you have a bedtime routine? Does it involve music and if so what music would you recommend?

Absolutely, as a musician I'm really fussy about the music I use to wind down, I would say the following pieces are my top 5 for my bedtime routine. 


What are your golden rules for encouraging better sleep? Any products or resources that you would recommend?

  • I use romwod, pilates anytime and yoga anytime for short 20 minute videos of stretching and gentle movements.
  • I would recommend no electronic equipment for 45 min-1 hour before you go to sleep, that time where you're getting ready for bed and winding down.
  • Finally, I love spraying some "This Works" pillow spray "Deep Sleep". 


Laura Wright is performing as part of Sofar Sounds in a secret location in London this Friday. Link to tickets here.