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Indoor Plants for your Home

Make Your Home Happier & Healthier with Indoor Plants

Plants make homes happier and healthier….fact!

Here’s how:

  • They absorb carbon dioxide and release oxygen
  • They increase humidity indoors which helps keep coughs, colds and dry skin at bay
  • They clean the air removing harmful toxins

Some top tips:

  • The thicker the leaves a plant has the more drought tolerant it is.
  • Check your house plants once a week and remember to feed them every two to four weeks with a good fertiliser.
by White Green on May 10, 2018
Family Holidays

Top Ten Tips For Travelling With Kids

Travelling with children is akin to being in a car with a group of really drunk friends: one may vomit, one may fall asleep, one might start a fight – there’s no way of knowing how it’s going to play out. We’re all familiar with the farmyard scene: the smallest is unzipping a fellow passengers handbag convinced he’s seen a bottle of ‘mulk’ while the other two are fighting over the iPad.
by White Green on April 18, 2018
Toxic Trade-Off: 10 reasons you should choose organic clothing for your baby

Toxic Trade-Off: 10 reasons you should choose organic clothing for your baby

That t-shirt you’re wearing, that cardigan on your child’s back, that scarf around your neck or the hat on your son’s head all look relatively normal, right? But everything we wear has gone through a long, resource-intensive production process and, unless certified organic, has likely been subjected to a plethora of chemicals and toxins that are not only hazardous to our skin but to our environment.
by Bold Apps on March 27, 2018
Luxury Bed Sheets- The Perfect Wedding Gift

Luxury Bed Sheets- The Perfect Wedding Gift

Wedding season is in full swing and you’ve left everything to the last minute! Outfit, accommodation and most importantly…the wedding gift! Where can you find a really meaningful gift? When would you have time to scour the shops, find wrapping paper, a card and then get yourself to the post office? We’re tired even thinking […]


by White Green on March 10, 2018
What is Thread Count?

What’s The Fuss About Thread Count?

The higher the thread count, the more luxurious the sheets..…right? Wrong! Thread count simply measures the number of threads woven into each square inch of material. For example, 300 thread count comprises 150 vertical and 150 horizontal threads. At some point, it becomes difficult to fit anymore in. So, as a marketing ploy, companies might […]

by White Green on March 01, 2018
Natural Homemade Beauty Products

Want to switch to Natural Beauty Products? Here’s how!

Over the past few years, we’ve become increasingly aware of dangerous chemical ingredients found in personal care products. Manufacturers maintain that the levels of chemicals in their products are too small to cause damage to our health, but mainstream toxicologists are finally disproving these statements and acknowledging the health impacts of bioaccumulation of toxins in […]

by White Green on January 30, 2018



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